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As a garden designer Val is exceptional. Using his years of experience at the highest level he has a natural ability to understand a client’s requirement and produce balanced and beautiful spaces. Working with Val, it is obvious of his passion to produce the best possible outcome for his clients. His open and diplomatic management style means he gets the best out of the team around him meaning the whole journey from drawing board to reality is as pain-free as can be.

Matt Burrows, Garden Design Client, Lancashire

We asked Val to help redesign our small cottage garden space. He listened carefully to our plans and responded in a very sensitive manner. We did not want the garden to appear to be ‘over-designed’, we wanted to reuse as much of the valuable paving material that was already present and we were also keen to retain some of the plants we had collected over the years. Val managed to deliver on all of this and he cleverly and cost effectively reinvented the garden for us; we are delighted at the result.  

Mrs Nelson, Garden Planning Client, Cheshire

I worked with Val Murray on a therapeutic garden in the charitable sector in 2021.  I was able to observe first-hand his detailed plan for the garden design and his thoughtful planting scheme, alongside his structured yet soft support to those who were socially prescribed the garden in a volunteering capacity for mental health benefit. His appreciation of the concept of wellbeing in a horticultural space showed fully in his work methods and his connection to nature based therapy.

Tracey Graham, The Mindful Seasonalist, Lancashire

After 40 years of office working I wanted to spend more time outdoors when I retired.  I heard about a volunteering opportunity to do some gardening in the extensive grounds of a local historic house and was put in touch with Val who had worked up an interesting plan for the development of the grounds.  From the outset Val was welcoming and supportive and his explanation of the grounds and the work he was doing was a big motivation for me getting involved.  It was clear he was very experienced in garden design and planting, was sensitive to the environment and had a real passion for the benefits of horticultural therapy.  Whilst I had always been an amateur gardener horticultural therapy was something new to me and working with the volunteers who were attending for therapeutic purposes was a joy and it was impressive to see how Val engaged calmly and constructively with people with a range of ages and conditions so that they got the benefits of helping in the gardens. I learnt a lot from Val and my gardens certainly show it!

Sue Ellwood, Horticultural Therapy Recipient, Manchester
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